Lunch Arrangements

Reception Buffet in the Restaurant or catered to Your home.

We can also bring Your Lunch to Your Company or Store. We do  Single Dishes, Menus or Buffets.

Lunch Plate – without a warm Dish

( incl. fresh Bread and Butter. )


Lunch Plate – with a little warm Dish

( incl .fresh Bread and Butter. )


Reception Buffet

Roulade of Tortilla with Chicken Breast and Vegetables

Small Fillets of Cod with Tomato -Bell Pepper Compot

Chicken, Tunafish or Roastbeef – small Sandwiches

Small Meatballs with Potato Salad or Baby Potatoes in Herbs Vinaigrette

Pieces of Cheese with Grapes

Chocolate Brownies with Cinnamon, Pecan Nuts and Berries Chutney

Choose 4, 5 or 6 “Features”

4 “Features”


5 “Features”


6 “Features”