À la Carte

Snacks & Starters

Little Snacks to the Start
A: Salty Almonds
B: Kalamata Olives marinated with Herbs
C: Chips with homemade Hummus

28,-/ 32,-/ 38,-

1. Nachos, gratinated with Cheddar/ Mozzarella & Jalapeños, Tomato Salsa & Lime Aîoli


2. Roasted King Prawns in Shellfish Cream, baked Sweet Potato and fresh Sprouts


3. Carpaccio of quickly roasted Tenderloin Beef, Mustard Mayonnaise, Grana Cheese & raw pickled red Onions


4. Baked Codfish in Bread Coating with Rosemary and  Garlic, Sauté of Scallions and Broccoli, Shellfish Cream Also as Maincourse, bigger with Today’s Potato

108,-/ 218,-

Main Courses

5. Steak of Tenderloin Beef    160 Gr.   or   250 Gr.
with roasted Vegetables & Root Crops, today’s Potato
We prepare the Steaks as:
A: Whisky flambé with Red Wine Sauce
B: Cognac flambé as Peppersteak with Madagascar Pepper Cream Sauce

249/ 325,-

6. Roasted Quail ( 1 or 2pcs.pr.Person ), stuffed with Mushrooms, Peach and Root Crops  Sauteè, today’s Potato & Sherry Cream Sauce

189/ 279,-

7. Sliced Rack of Lamb with Tzatziki, warm Compote of Zucchini & Sun dried Tomato
today’s Potato & red Wine Sauce with Rosemary


Cheese & Dessert

8. Cheese Plate – 3 or 5 Types with Olives, Chilli Jam, marinated Nuts and Raisins with Ginger


9. Munken´s Ice Cream Cake on Almond Fragilité with Apple Chutney & Caramel Sauce


10. Panna Cotta with Mint, Nuts Crumble, Cherries Sherbet